Vacuum palletizer / drum palletizer

Palletizing of suctionable containers
SMB Vacuum palletizer / drum palletizer
SMB Vacuum palletizer / drum palletizer
SMB Vacuum palletizer / drum palletizer

Suction palletizers from SMB stack four to nine suctionable containers simultaneously on a pallet – even on top of each other. They are therefore the ideal supplement for filling systems, in which suctionable containers such as drums or canisters are filled. 

The right system for every task: In the video you can see our palletizers in action for the most diverse applications.



  • Reliability

    Accurate product positioning

  • Flexibility

    Can be adapted to specific positioning


SMB develops and designs container palletizers for a wide range of requirements, for example in filling systems for canisters. Here, the required pallets are automatically provided in a pallet magazine and fed to the palletizing area. The drums are lifted by the vacuum suction mechanism. Placement on the pallet is carried out precisely and in compliance with all safety standards. It is thus also possible to handle drums with toxic contents.

Technical Data

  • For all kinds of plastic or steel drums
  • Simultaneous stacking of 4 to 9 suctionable containers 
  • Up to 240 drums per hour

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