Tilting pallet exchanger

Repalletizing using the tilting method

The tilting pallet exchanger is suited for all types of cartons, trays and containers. This repalletizer uses a simple fully automatic method to gently exchange transport pallets: the tilting device ensures that the load is neither pressed nor pushed, thus preventing damaging by defective pallets. The goods are repalletized in any order and optionally placed on the pallet to achieve the best possible stacking result.

You can find out more about the process in our video

Video process flow



  • Automation

    Easy operation; fully automatic; delivery of a complete repalletizing station; optional pallet magazines

  • Efficiency

    Lower repalletizing costs combined with high process reliability

  • Individualization

    Configurable according to customer requirements; pallet changes under cleanroom conditions possible


We manufacture the pallet exchanger in cooperation with NORTEC Automation GmbH. It is delivered completely pre-assembled and is available in different variants. Optional functions such as protective sheet separators can be individually added.

The control software of the tilting pallet exchanger is created by specialists who are fully familiar with the technology, so that the palletizer can be customized at any time. As a result, the palletizer can be individually adapted at any time. Our continuous quality assurance draws on the experience of our customers and users.

Technical Data

  • Lengthwise and crosswise loading by means of roller conveyors and chain conveyors
  • Payload up to 1,500 kg
  • Maximum loading height 1,600 mm – 2,400 mm
  • Only 50 seconds cycle duration

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