Intralogistics in the special machine construction sector

Intralogistics comprises all logistical flows of materials and goods within a company’s premises. This includes the planning, implementation, management and control of internal material flows.

The efficient storage of goods is an integral part of intralogistics. Depending on the requirements and framework conditions, very different types of warehouses can be used to optimize the processes. The primary objective of intralogistics is always the fast, safe and energy-optimized storage and retrieval of goods.

Example: storage technology / the SMB high-bay warehouse

A wide variety of warehouse types are required to optimize intralogistics processes. However, the objective is always the fast and safe storage and retrieval of goods. With its compact storage system for high-bay warehouses, SMB has specialized in this fully automatic storage technology. Pallets or box pallets are simultaneously moved for storage and retrieval on several levels. Internal relocation, e.g. for so-called additional route planning or warehouse optimization is possible at any time. SMB’s high-bay warehouse concept has been designed to increase the storage and handling capacity. Consequently, SMB’s compact storage systems and concepts combine optimum space utilization and a high degree of shelf occupancy. Our own warehouse management software and control system ensure safe and effective storage of the pallets.

SMB is currently developing and producing a new compact storage type for the picking of half pallets. In order to optimize internal picking so-called half pallets are provided in parallel and fully automatically. The result is a new generation of compact storage systems for target-oriented delivery planning.

Additional SMB products complement the storage technology:


From the North- and Baltic Sea coasts to Lake Constance, we ensure smooth flows of goods throughout Germany.

Project overview Intralogistics: