Pushing pallet exchanger

Repositioning of pallets using the pushing method

The SMB pushing method pallet exchanger is suited for all types of cartons, trays and bulk packs (barrels, canister, etc.). With the pallet exchanger, goods can be palletized automatically from wood to aluminum or plastic pallets – or vice versa. The classic area of application is the reloading from production to shipping pallets, or palletizing under cleanroom conditions in the pharmaceutical and food industries, where the hygienic separation of good handling zones is required. 

You can find out more about the process in our video.

Video process flow



  • Automation

    From the empty pallet supply via the exchanger to securing for transportation

  • Efficiency

    Reliable conveyance capacity with low energy consumption

  • Individualization

    Exchange is also possible under cleanroom conditions; the cycle can optionally be realized backwards


Whether wooden, aluminum or plastic pallets, the pallet exchanger makes reloading uncomplicated. With the aid of side securing panels and a top sliding panel, the SMB pallet exchanger pushes the payload onto a centrally divided packing panel. The new pallet is already positioned under the packing panel. After the positioning, the packing panel is slowly pulled out from under the goods, and the payload is safely positioned on the new pallet.

An empty pallet magazine ensures automatic replenishment. Empty pallets are fed into the pallet exchanger and removed again via roller conveyors or lateral chain conveyors. Pallet magazines separate or collect wooden, plastic or aluminum pallets. At the end of the production chain, the load can be secured to the pallet, for example using an automatic stretch film winder or tape strapping.

Technical Data

  • Up to 80 exchange operations per hour
  • Design in painted steel, stainless steel or in accordace with cleanroom requirements
  • Up to 20 empty pallets can be processed per pallet magazine
  • For pallet formats of up to 1,400 x 1,250 mm

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