Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 at SMB International

Industry 4.0 is the intelligent networking of industrial machines and processes by means of information and communication technology to achieve efficiency increases. The digital transformation also plays an important role when it comes to optimizing processes, saving resources and flexibly responding to changes in the special machine construction sector.

This is how we implement Industry 4.0 at SMB International:

Our approach

  • Flexible production

    Many suppliers and service providers are involved in the production of a pallet exchanger or tilting repalletizer. Digital networking improves the coordination of individual steps as well as the planning of the utilization of production processes and machines.

  • Special machines for convertible factories

    Productivity and profitability are improved, individualized products can be manufactured in small quantities at affordable prices.

  • Customer-centric solutions

    Consumers and producers are moving closer together.

  • Optimized logistics

    Calculation of ideal delivery routes, filling machines automatically report when they need new material – networking optimizes the flow of goods.

  • Digital data

    Data on the production process and product status are merged and analyzed. The data analysis indicates how a product can be manufactured more efficiently and maintained preventively.

  • Resource-saving circular economy

    A data-based approach is used to assess products over their entire life cycle. How the materials can be recycled is already defined when a product is designed.