Compact Storage System

Truck shuttle storage systems with multi-movement function

Maximum space utilization on the smallest footprint combined with speed, flexibility and energy efficiency: these are the central features of a modern compact storage system. We solve these issues with our tailor-made truck shuttle storage system, which achieves a unique space utilization of up to 95 percent. With PLC-based automation, our systems have powerful, long-lasting and reliable control technology.

In the video we have compiled examples of the compact warehouse processes for you.

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  • Efficiency

    Capacity utilization of up to 95%, energy savings by moving lower quantities, simultaneous movements on all storage levels

  • Automation

    Fully automatic storage operation on a PLC basis

  • Flexibility

    Interfaces to all common ERP systems and a wide range of possible applications

    Application examples:
    Raw or finished goods warehouse in production plants with batch production, Production supply, Import and export, for example container goods, Partial areas of a warehouse for A articles (B and C articles in other storage systems), Packaging material / cardboard, Quarantine areas, Tours deployment, Aggregation of external inventories


All products are always quickly to hand, fully automatically - this is the result of our compact storage technology. The compact storage system developed by SMB International is a special automatic storage for pallets. It is based on the principle of  the channel storage system, which consists of multiple storage positions set behind each other in channels. A truck shuttle system on each level allows simultaneous storage and removal on any level. The pallet is completely underridden by the truck shuttle, lifted and positioned elsewhere. A redundant storage area ensures that pallets of the same batch are distributed over several levels, thus enabling access without taking indirect routes. The inventory module integrated into the control software enables the continuous inventory of all goods. 

Thanks to the electric drives with frequency control, the truck shuttle systems achieve high traveling speeds. SMB compact storage systems have a low floor load and are therefore suitable for installation in existing halls. As a complete new building, the compact storage system can also be realized as roof- or wall-supported racking. By foregoing batteries and power caps, real 24/7 operation is also possible under deep-freeze conditions. The individual storage levels can be switched off separately, which in the event of service and maintenance ensures secure access while at the same time continuing to operate the remaining levels. 

When storing large batches that must be moved quickly and safely, the SMB compact storage system can lead to attractive and short ROI times (return on investment) with low personnel and operating costs. We would be pleased to provide you with corresponding comparative figures. 

Our services:

  • Analysis of the storage data

  • Development of a concept
Digital simulation
  • Delivery of a turnkey solution
  • Service and maintenance

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Technical Data

  • Only 0.3 kWh required power during storage and removal
  • A truck shuttle system on every storage level
  • Reliable 24/7 operation 

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