Partners of SMB International GmbH

Top quality performance and groundbreaking innovations are frequently the result of collaborations.

We are proud of our long-established and also new partnerships with the best in their field – experts from the areas of mechanical engineering, logistics, IT, steel construction and many others. Optimal additions and the interlocking of interfaces make our modern SMB systems so flexible and usable for the most diverse applications. This is how individual expertise becomes a joint project success and thus an efficient result for our customers.

Selected examples of successful cooperation

  • The partnership with KBU Logistik AG already continues for more than five years – for the particularly powerful KBU-LVS software. Since 2016, this software is also in use for the successful SMB compact storage systems.


The new SMB layer palletizer "SHARK", also "SHARK XL", is optionally enhanced by the Multipack software from Multiscience. This software provides the operator with an easy-to-understand program for creating completely new palletizing instructions.

  • In the course of a special design, the revised SMB pallet transport with two gripper magazines was supplemented by a tilting palletizer from NORTEC Automation GmbH in Kiel, problem solver for pallet exchange. So successful, in fact, that SMB now provides the complete service for NORTEC Automation GmbH.
  • A reliable partner for sophisticated labelling solutions is Fa. b+b. Various complex labelling solutions, including two-colour thermal transfer printing for a wide variety of pack types, have already been successfully realised.