Bag Layer Palletizer "EAGLE RAY"

Ground level palletizing solution for high packing perfomance

The SMB bag layer palletizer is suited for all kinds of bagged goods. Adaptable for existing systems or new designs, models with normal or very high packing performance can be realized. Various layer patterns, combined with a bag turning device, ensure an optimally oriented, space-saving and dimensionally stable stacking of the bags. 

The right system for every task: In the video you can see our palletizers in action for the most diverse applications.

Video palletizing systems



  • Individualization

    Adjustable in performance and size as required; 100% flexibility in layering pattern

  • Flexibility

    Can be combined with conveyor systems, empty pallets magazine, vibrating table and bag pressing belt; applicable as a high or low level infeed system or as a palletizing center with transfer station

  • Reliability

    Requires very little maintenance; maintenance interval every 5,000 h; precise operation, even in dusty environments

  • Efficiency

    Up to 4 palletizing spaces possible; up to 40% lower acquisition costs compared with alternative technologies


Depending on the application, it is possible to choose between models with low or high intake, which results in a normal or a very high packing performance. Any amount of layer patterns in groups of 3, 5, 6, 8 or 10 allow the optimum loading of a pallet.

The applications include e.g.

  • Palletizing and depalletizing
  • Handling of covers and intermediate sheets
  • Supply of empty pallets
  • Removal of faulty bags
  • Transport of full bags

Additional components for the transport of packaging, empty or full pallets, as well as components for special functions or labelling supplement the system. Additional equipment such as a vibrating table or bag pressing conveyor can further be installed.

Technical Data

  • Fully automatic sliding palletizer
  • Split sliding floor
  • Can be combined with empty pallet magazine
  • For pallet formats of up to 1,250 x 1,050 mm
  • Placement of up to 2,000 bags per hour



  • Remote maintenance
  • automatic tool change system
  • can be combined with vacuum tools
  • Laser sensors for height recognition if layer height changes after longer standstill
  • lubrication suitable for food industry (H1 oils)
  • Full Line Concept
  • additional security systems
  • special cleaning equipment

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