Loading and unloading systems

Fully automatic loading and unloading by robot
SMB Belade-Roboter
SMB Beladesystem
SMB Beladeroboter

The desire for optimum capacity utilization requires constant and innovative further developments in loading and unloading. We have been successfully cooperating with KUKA-Robotics for several years now to ideally complement system solutions in the areas of conveyor technology, filling systems and palletizing technology. We develop complex loading and unloading systems with robotic gripping arms, which enable, for example, automatic depalletizing and palletizing of drums containing up to 120 liters.



  • Multifunctionality

    Combined drum clamping gripper, pallet gripper and/or lid suction device

  • Individuality

    Can be used independently of the filling material


The heart of each robot system is the SMB multifunction gripper - designed, constructed, and programmed by SMB engineers. This is a drum clamping gripper with a pallet gripper and a lid suction device. The sophisticated mechanics make the change of tools superfluous in everyday use. The precise positioning is performed with laser technology.

Connecting to existing material handling modules is just as simple as developing a new complete solution with empty container storage, transport system, loading and unloading and storage system. In combination with a telescopic chain conveyor, the robot loads and unloads trucks directly from the loading area. For this purpose, it places the supplied empty drums on the chain conveyor, which transports them to the empty container storage area.


KUKA certification

SMB is an official KUKA system partner. Thanks to the close cooperation, we are able to provide highly individual solutions.


Technical Data

  • Movement of drums of up to 120 liters
  • Positioning of the container by laser technology
  • Palletizing and de-palletizing alternately

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