Depalletizer / drum unloader

Automatic unloading of drums
SMB depalletizer / drum unloader
SMB depalletizer / drum unloader
SMB depalletizer / drum unloader
SMB depalletizer / drum unloader

The depalletizer (Automatic Drum Unloader - ADU) from SMB is used for the unloading of empty barrels on swap bodies. The automatic unloader can optionally also be moved laterally to simultaneously or subsequently unload several swap bodies. Up to two separate drum unloaders can depalletize the swap bodies alternately, which further increases the availability of empty drums and permits to unload different types of drums at the same time.



  • Flexibility

    Connection to existing conveyor technology possible; optional protective grids

  • Reliability

    Own PLC control panel for trouble-free operation


Depalletizing can take place in open or closed swap bodies. Mounted on a ramp, the unloader is located about 1,200 mm above the truck lane.

Technical Data

  • Up to 200 drums per hour
  • Swap bodies with a depth of up to 7.7 m
  • Minimum width of the loading bridge 2,270 mm
  • Electrically/hydraulically liftable, lowerable and movable loading bridge

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