Bag palletizer

Effective bag stacking for high packing performance
SMB Sack-Lagen-Palettierer

In combination with an SMB combination gripper, the SMB jointed-arm robot from KUKA meets the ever-increasing demands for flexibility, optimum space utilization and safety. It can be used for palletizing and depalletizing a wide variety of products such as cartons, bags, boxes and trays on or in load carriers such as Euro pallets, Düsseldorf pallets and industrial pallets. Independently editable and programmable layer and pallet patterns further increase safety and flexibility. Palletizing takes place according to a defined pattern that is stored in the program. There is a choice of different packing patterns.



  • Individualization

    Independently editable and programmable layer and pallet patterns

  • Flexibility

    Can, for example, be connected to a big bag packaging station by means of conveyor technology

  • Efficiency

    Up to 4 palletizing spaces possible; up to 40% lower acquisition costs compared with alternative technologies


The selected KUKA robot is equipped with an SMB combination gripper. This gripper can take both bags and sheets of cardboard from the store and place them on the empty pallet.

The pallets themselves are fed in from an automatic pallet magazine. This magazine can be refilled during palletizing without having to stop the palletizing process. A pallet comes out of the pallet magazine and waits at the intermediate station. There, the robot places a protective sheet of cardboard on the pallet, which it has previously removed from the cardboard magazine. Then, the pallet moves to the palletizing station and is aligned there. During this time, the robot takes the first bag and positions it above the pallet. Once the realignment process has been completed, the robot places the bag on the pallet. To do this, the fork is removed from under the bag while a counter plate holds the bag in place. When the pallet has been completely filled, it is transported to the wrapper. The control system of the robot communicates with the conveyor technology via a PROFINET interface.

KUKA certification

SMB is an official system partner of KUKA. The close cooperation permits to realize individual solutions.

Technical Data

  • Fully automatic bag palletizer
  • With combination gripper
  • For pallet formats of up to 1,250 x 1,050 mm
  • Placement of up to 600 bags per hour



  • Bag storage belt with bag levelling belt to pick-up station of the robot
  • KUKA robot with SMB combination gripper for intermediate sheets and bags
  • Empty pallet magazine for up to 15 pallets
  • Intermediate sheet magazine, delivery on pallet, feed to bag palletizer
  • Pallet transport technology (roller conveyor)
  • Optional turntables, corner transfer units and chain conveyors
  • Stretch wrapper with top sheet applicator
  • Edge protection feeder
  • Safety technology
  • Operating platform
  • Siemens comfort panel 9"

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