Special Filling Systems

Reliable filling of dangerous goods
SMB Sonderabfüllanlage
SMB Sonderabfüllanlage

Safety takes priority. The special filling systems from SMB are suitable for a wide range of dangerous goods for filling into corresponding containers. As an expert in filling technology, SMB specializes in sophisticated special solutions where public safety and the health of employees are awarded the highest priority.


If containers or places of application differ from the classic application, we offer you reliable solutions with specially manufactured filling systems. For example, octabin containers can be used in a filling station for the dust-tight filling of bulk material.



  • Safety

    Safe filling of dangerous goods

  • Flexibility

    Special filling systems for special applications. For filling under cleanroom conditions, as required in e.g. the food industry, the systems can be adapted accordingly. Completely encapsulated and equipped with air-locks and suction connections, they are also suitable for use in explosive areas. 


Application example of dangerous goods: When filling drums with dangerous goods, the empty drums with a loose cover are transported to the filling point via a feed conveyor. An air-lock ensures that no gases or dusts escape. When the drum reaches the filling position, the lid is lifted by a vacuum gripper and the drum is pressed under the throttle valve of the container with the filling material so that it opens. Once the desired fill level has been reached in the drum, it is lowered back onto the roller conveyor. Subsequently, the drum is closed with the lid and transported through the outlet air-lock into a washing cubicle, where it is externally cleaned and dried.


Application example of octabins: The octabin containers are transported on a pallet to the filling site, where they are lifted and pressed under the suction plate. After two to three rinses with nitrogen, the filling process begins from a pre-weighed stainless steel container. In parallel, a jogging unit ensures an optimal distribution of the material, the displaced air is pushed back into the preliminary container and a ring suction system removes any potentially escaping air. When the octabin is filled, it is lowered and conveyed to the closure point. For further details and detailed information on the process flow, please contact us. 

Technical Data

  • Complete encapsulation of the filling system and the filling station
  • Encapsulation with vacuum to avoid gas losses
  • Air-locks with suction connections
  • ATEX-certified for use in explosive atmospheres

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