Semiautomatic filling system

Mobile filling of liquids, e.g. disinfectants

With the mobile and semiautomatic filling system from SMB International, it is possible to fill liquid products into different container types such as drums, IBCs and canisters. It is quick and easy to adapt, and therefore makes frequent changes of container sizes possible: 20-litre canisters can be filled just like 1,000-litre containers. Smaller filling quantities (5/10 litres) are also no problem. The different filling methods (below surface level filling, below bung hole filling or above surface level filling) ensure additional flexibility. The system can be moved to the next usage site by a forklift.

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  • Flexibility

    Filling quantities between five and 1,000 litres

  • Safety

    ATEX certified for safe use in Zone 2 (Zone 1 optional)

  • High Performance

    Dependent on the operator/pump capacity (operator side)


IBCs and pallets with containers are put on platform scales and filled. Small containers (5 – 10 litre canisters) are put on an optional swivelling scale platform for small containers one after another and filled.

The filling system has a steering arm with which the operator positions the filling lance above the filling opening. The filling process is started via the steering arm. Filling takes place automatically below surface level with a weight-dependent stroke of the filling lance. For this purpose, the product data (e.g. target weight, viscosity) is stored in the controller of the machine. All the functions of the machine are controlled via the control panel, which is also where the necessary settings are made.

The system can be easily moved with a forklift. An expansion for use on a roller conveyor is possible. In addition, it is made completely of stainless steel and designed for use in Ex Zone 2 T3.

Technical Data

  •    Ex-Zone 2 T3
  •    Conforms to GMP and FDA (optional)
  •    Below surface level, above surface level and below bung hole filling
  •    Tare control with adjustable tare tolerance
  •    Automatic dosing
  •    Designed with a stainless steel platform and steering arm
  •    Load-carrying capacity max. 1,500 kg incl. tare weight

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