Line Filling Systems

Fully automatic filling of large quantities
SMB Linien-Abfüllanlagen
SMB Linien-Abfüllanlage
SMB Linien-Abfüllanlage
SMB Linien-Abfüllanlagen

SMB line filling systems are used when a continuous and fully automatic filling of large quantities is required. Different designs allow the filling of canisters/buckets or drums/cans via one, two, three or four filling points. Optional extensions and combinations with other systems ensure individual adaptation of the system as required.

You can see the process flow of a single barrel filling line as an example in our video.

Video process flow

Read about a special SMB filling system installation during operation. 

 technical article published by cpp



  • Safety

    ATEX-certified for safe use in explosive atmospheres

  • Individualization

    Filling quantity, type of container and incorporation into the overall system can be realized individually

  • Food industry compliant

    Filling in cleanroom possible


The line filling system provides utmost operational safety, even in explosive atmospheres, and is thus also ideal for use in cleanrooms and for the filling of explosive substances. For this purpose, the filling system and the filling station can be completely encapsulated and airlocks with suction connections can be installed. Depending on the purpose of the application, the line filling station can be combined with an empty drum/container storage unit with automatic empty drum supply, a drum/container removal unit or the palletizing of the filled containers. Sub-level (bottom-up), below bunghole or above-level (top-down) filling can be selected as filling methods.

Infographic filling methods

Technical Data

  • Canister/buckets: 10 - 30 liters to 120 canisters/h per filling station
  • Drums/cans: 30/60/200/250 liters to 60 drums/h per filling station
  • Smaller filling volumes (5/10/20 liters) can be planned individually
  • According to required output: 1 to 4 filling points
  • Complete encapsulation of the filling system and the filling station
  • Airlocks with suction connections

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